I’m going away for a couple of weeks! I’ll be closing the ask box while I’m gone and I’ll reopen it as soon as I get back!

c’ya then!

Anonymous said: I think Eric is more interesting than Dylan. Dylan seems effeminate and whiny like pre-Folie à Deux Pete Wentz and I feel like I'd be telling him to shut up all the time. :-/

Dylan was just very sensitive. I never thought his diary entries were whiny… maybe a little dramatic but that’s just the way he was

Anonymous said: Oh yeah, also 'All the Stars in Texas' by Ludo for the killer playlist too. Love the blog btw!

added, and thanks!

Anonymous said: For the killer playlist, how about the song 'Dahmer and the Limbs' by Nicole Dollanganger?


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Anonymous said: im sad because i love eric but hes homophobic /:

Eric wrote a lot of racist, sexist and homophobic material in his diary. He was very angry on so many different levels and definitely wrote those things thinking they’d never be read by anyone but him.

I like to think he would’ve grown out of it eventually. Maybe he would’ve looked back on his journals at 3O and said, “damn, I was an angry kid”!

Anonymous said: I'm DYING for another smutty Stockholm Syndrome chapter! <3 richie <3

*eagerly awaits new chapters too*

Anonymous said: I didnt know you had playlists on your blog, can you link me to it/them please?

This is the playlist. I add new songs to this same post and update it here.

Anonymous said: Can you add dont shoot me santa by the killers to the eric and dylan playlist?? I feel like its very fitting


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