Anonymous said: I'll send some more Elliot or Eric stories if you like! :)

We’d love to read them!   :3

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Anonymous said: I'm glad the adk box is back open...I wondered why it closed again!

Yeah, really! Well, everything is calm now!  :3  Hopefully it’ll stay that way!

Anonymous said: When are there going to be more chapters of the Richard story??

We just got a new one in a few days ago!   ;3  I’m also on the edge of my seat!

Anonymous said: wtf? am i the only one who sends you confessions for coy hubbard? c'mon people, he was so cuteeeeee, send more :(

He was adorable. Look at him with his sis and mom!

Hey everyone! Sorry there’s been a bit of a hiccup with the blog. A couple of days ago I was swamped with about 40 weird/mean messages that I’m pretty sure came from some other site. Someone probably just mentioned this blog on some forum and everyone went nuts coming here and giving me their not-so-nice opinion. It’s no big deal. I guess you could say it… comes with the territory.

I’m fairly certain it’s over, so the ask box is opening back up!

Question for you/your followers

this is not a submission, but I have a question for you/your followers.
About a year ago, I wrote the Dylan smutfic “I, the new neighbor” - however, the last part, part 5 never got published on here. I had it on my own blog, but due to personal matters, I had to delete all my posts. Now my question : is there anyone who favourited my post/reblogged it/knows how I can find it ? I would be SO, SO thankful !

Does anybody have a link to the post? Help our author out!!!

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