Anonymous said: Ted Bundy formed in which course at university?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand…?  :[   Are you asking about his university years? Because all I know is that he went to both UPS and UW.

Anonymous said: Not really a confession or an ask,more like a message to whoever rights Stockholm syndrome,they are so good at righting,like don't stop whoever you are.

submitted by anonymous

submitted by anonymous

Anonymous said: i was wondering if you could post a link to your masterlist or your tags, whatever you call them. i'm on mobile. pleasee.

There are a couple new names I need to add but haven’t been able to because tumblr is acting up on my browser. I’ll add them as soon as possible!!!

Anonymous said: Haha, not really a confession, but I wished Dylan Klebold a happy birthday on Instagram, and one person told me I was fucked up. Just thought I'd share, idk.

You’re not fucked up, anon! That other person is fucked up. I’m sure Dylan would appreciate your kind words if he was here.  <3

anon wanted a phone wallpaper made from confession #1321, so here ya go!   &lt;3

anon wanted a phone wallpaper made from confession #1321, so here ya go!   <3

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